Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Law of Attraction and Passion

Another observation I have made about The Law of Attraction is of confusion on what is meant when we say to apply our thoughts with passion. What do we mean by passion? A man hollering at the top of his lungs, his face turning purple, is using passion to apply his thoughts. Is this the sort of passion we are talking about? A woman weeping bitterly, begging for the electrical company to give her another week to pay the bill is using passion. Is this the sort of passion we mean?

I would like to turn thought to a time when we were in love. Remembering that time; the happiness, the beating of the heart, the glee that filled the day? Remember when in those first few days, how excitement filled us as the time of the next date approached? The thrill we felt, the all consuming passion we lived life with? The senses were alive, awake; all of life seemed to sparkle. There was an awareness of what was said, the tone used, the way we dressed and the way everything seemed to take on a life of its own. The body seemed to just vibrate with intensity; indeed, literally shivering with sensuality and anticipation. When with the object of love, the feeling of connection enhanced; they understood like no one has before, so completely. It was like they heard on all levels, the vibrations reaching to the core on all frequencies.

In communication classes, we are taught how humans communicate on more than one level. They use several frequencies to put across their meaning. When relationships break down, often counselors are sought to help reconnect the communication. Couples are often instructed on the use of different frequencies to communicate and suddenly find themselves experiencing the throes of passion, they are again in love.

In those first few days of a budding romance, we are receiving and sending our communications on all levels. Thus we catch every nuance of every communication. This creates an attraction with the object of our passion and this draws our Desire to us. We are literally vibrating as one, attracting each to the other in harmony with our desires. We are happy, we are fulfilled, and we are at one with all things at this moment. Being in love, is the perfect passion; positive, creative, communicative and blessed.

Remember again that moment of being in love. Fix that feeling, that exhilaration into the heart, mind and soul. When the feeling of being in love fills the senses, think then of the desire, the wish to be attained. The Universe can not help but bring us together with our desire. At this moment, we are communicating fully and completely with our desire and are expressing our full passion and Will to the Universe to attain it. It can not be refused. This is the Law of Attraction.