Friday, January 7, 2011

Change: Good or bad?

Change is stressful.  It takes time to adjust and energy to make it a part of your life.  Whether it's a change forced upon you (being downsized out of employment), or a change you chose (eating healthier), it's a lot of work.  How you approach the change makes a large difference of how quickly you adjust...if you adjust at all.

Of all things in life, there is only one thing that is assured:  change.  Taxes are not an absolute depending on your investments and income, and death is a kind of change; from life to afterwards.  In life we experience all sorts of mini-deaths as things end and new things begin.  Once that idea is embraced, life becomes a series of changes, small and large, and we are able to view life in a much different perspective.  Life boils down to a choice of having changes happen to us (as victims), or chosing the changes and thus guiding our lives to a chosen goal.  It's all about the journey and never about the final result, for there is never a final of anything.

As we look to the stars, we can watch the pattern of the universe unfold before us and apply that pattern to our own lives.  Planets and stars all condense and harden, becoming less and less maleable and flowing.  They become less able to change with what is happening around them.  As comets and debris fly into their space, they are less able to allow it all to just flow past or embrace it.  Eventually, such obstacles hit....hard.  As planets and stars become even more solid, instead of absorbing the impact or allowing it to flow through, they crack and pieces break off.  Such is a huge change that can be quite traumatic.

Something about forced change vs. chosen change is that when it's forced on us, we can't chose what we "lose".  We must accept what we are given and live our lives getting battered about and always being swayed one way then another.  We are tossed about with no control of where we are going and thus never get to where we want to be or get the things we want to get.  When we chose the change, we are able to let go of what we really don't need, that which no longer serves us, and make room for something better.  If we don't make room for good stuff, how can we accept it into our lives?  If our plate, or cup or port is full, how can we get more?  I tell my daughter, if you want new clothes, you have to make room for them by donating that which is too small, or not loved as much.  That works for us all.

What is the lesson?  The more maleable we remain, the better we are able to go with the flow.  We are able to pick and choose our battles and guide our changes to create what we want.  That is the magick and control we have as thinking entities.  We are not objects.  We have the power to choose.  Looking far enough ahead, we are able to change ourselves so that we don't need to suffer a traumatic hit.  We are able to embrace it, accept it and become more...or different. 

When life sends us a change, we can either mourn what we've "lost" and miss whatever opportunity or growth is coming, or we can embrace it and make room for the neat stuff on it's way.  We can get excited for change, for the growth and opportunities that are available to us.  Do we really need to carry around the excess baggage anyways?

So really, is change all that bad?  It's all in your perspective.