Saturday, June 20, 2015


Feel the draw of the Elements;
The voices of the Mountains,
The Lapping shores,
The Swaying trees,
The brightly Shining sun.

Ageless is the Rock,
Fleeting is the Wind.
Cleansing Water,
Warming Fire
Gathered ‘round as One.

The Earth, it grounds the Chaos.
The Wind, it scours it smooth.
The Fire burns,
The Water cools
Tempering it – The Tool.

The Tool is then released
To bring about the Law.
What is to come?
The Wild watches
As new-born eyes are opened.

Hear the howls of the Wind
Mourning the day we came.
Whipping wildly
Past sharp corners.
Flowing through grass nevermore.

Feel the Earth’s grumbling
Shuddering destructive shrugs.
Never left in
Peaceful aging;
New skin left all bare.

See the Waves crashing
Upon a barren shore.
Black waves killing
All within reach
Retreating to attack again.

Light burning through the night.
Destruction all around
Orange and red
Blue and grey fog
Searing live and dead.

We sought to control the Powers.
Instead, we freed the Chaos.
In fear, we run
Fighting futile
Battles to extinction.

- Angela Gallant,© 1996