Saturday, March 27, 2010

Law of Attraction and Cynics

One observation I made about the Law of Attraction was when I met up with skeptics and cynics. These are people who have focused so much on the negative view that they immediately latched on to the negative aspects of this principle and have convinced themselves that the Law of Attraction is bunk and useless. The example they often use to illustrate their conviction seems almost classic in that it is identical from cynic to cynic. They describe a scenario of a young child, abused and neglected on the streets, and ask how she might have attracted such misery. She is too young to have any thought of positive or negative, her mind in much the state of neutrality. How then can we believe in the Law of Attraction if a child is taken from their beds, abused and murdered? How can we believe innocence has attracted such horrors?

I think of a time when people have attended a spiritual gathering, be it a church, a temple or a synagogue. Perhaps while there, it is announced that a congregant is ill, perhaps with a stroke, or heart attack, pneumonia. What happens? The congregation prays or gathers energy to send...they pray for health, for healing, for blessings upon the afflicted person, and indeed that person is usually returned to health in very short order.

So what happened? Each and every member of the congregation set into motion their own personal Law of Attraction in congruency with others. This created a large magnet of Attraction for the healing of the ill person. Thus we learn of the power of the Law of Attraction when applied by a group of people. We all do it. When we gather and talk of our successes and cheer each other on, we are applying this principle of a group Attraction. When we need some extra energy to get through a tough spot and we ask our friends and loved ones to wish us well, we are enacting the power of a group Attraction which we know as the strength to exponentially attract what we desire.

This is why we must be careful of the affiliations we make. No matter how positive we might be. No matter what we work to attract in our lives. If we continually affiliate ourselves with people whose attraction is at crosspurposes to our own, we will fail. This is because the power of the many overpowers the strength of the few. We all affect others with our Attraction. It is part of the ripple effect of action. What a group of people attract can affect what we individually work to attract. If we align ourselves with people of like purposes, we create a larger magnet to attract our desires and ambitions.

What of the child on the street? Of course they did not attract such misery. The people around them did. Society has attracted it. Each group of people consistently living together creates an Attraction that is the sum of the positive and negative energies they create. A community can have an Attraction. A State or Province can have an Attraction. A Society can have an Attraction. Why do bad things happen to good people? Because the people around them have attracted it to themselves and innocent people get caught in the crossfire.

This is why we who know about the Law of Attraction have a responsibility in its use and teaching. For every privilege, there is an equal responsibility. We can see the outcome of the Law of Attraction applied negatively. We know what is causing it. We know that action is contagious, whether positive or negative. As such, we have a duty to make a change, however small, to help turn the tide so that terrible things do not happen to the innocents...the children.

Does the Law of Attraction really work? Look beyond ourselves. Negative and positive in application create war and beauty everywhere we go. The Law of Attraction is not just for our individual pleasure. It is for the guidance and benefit of our world.

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