Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Societal Change

Today's epiphany:  Our society is is slow, but it's growing momentum.  Ever since the start of the#Occupy Movement, agencies, people, Managers, corporations and cities have been making changes.

What I have seen so far:

Ohio started to house the homeless for a reasonable percentage of their income....and if they didn't have an income, they still have a home.
At least a handful of managers have decreased their sizable salaries to increase the wages of their employees.
A few corporations have begun paying their employees a living wage.
Summer Meals program has started in Washington to feed children without prying into the families' privacy.
People have gone into department stores with layaway programs and paid for other people's layaways, giving children better holidays and special times.
Park/bus benches in certain areas have been redesigned to create shelter at night for homeless with advertising of where that person can then find better shelter/help.
Many celebraties/business people with far more money than they need even at a high maintenance lifestyle are speaking out to their peers to change how they view the impoverished and to begin helping.  Paying it forward in great amounts.
A focus on ending violence within domestic/social situations through dance, song and other peaceful methods.  
Speaking up, refusing to accept through silence wrongs of our humanities.

I'm not saying these are solutions in and of themselves.  These aren't even half the efforts that are being made. These are starts and that is what is important to see.  It has started.  No longer are we content to turn away and say it is someone else's problem.  We have begun to see that our neighbour's problems are ours because if our neighbour is gone, they can't help us when we have need.

We are the change.  In little, consistent, practical acts, we make a change in every thing we do, every day.

Love is the answer, Love is the key, Love will conquer and make strong you and me.

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